January 9, 2019 | Michelle Heinlein
Maintenance matters aren’t normally top on everyone’s list for a good time, but in terms of retaining the value of what is most people’s biggest asset, their home; it’s a necessary part of the equation each year. As a real estate professional, giving homeowners the tools they need to ensure the care and safekeeping of their property is a top priority. That’s why we've  put together a checklist to help you maintain the highest possible value for your home.

House exterior: If your house is wood, inspect the paint each year and look to see if the primer is showing. Once that wears of  you can damage the wood. A good rule of thumb is to repaint every 5-10 years. Doors, window trim and shutters may need a fresh coat more often. Brick houses should be inspected for damaged bricks or masonry. Check stucco houses and repair any cracks large enough to slide a nickel into.

Roof: Watch for loose or missing shingles and clogged gutters. Asphalt shingled roofs can need replacing in as little as 15 years, wood shingles can last 30-50, metal 50 and tile can sometimes last as long as the house does. A trusted roofer can inspect your home and give you an estimated lifespan for your roof.

Heating system:  If yours has a filter, change it annually.

Air Conditioning System: Change all filters monthly or as recommended by the filter manufacturer.

Asphalt and concrete driveways: Repair any cracks or buckling.

Attic:  Check for signs of water leakage from the roof. Also look for any sign of termites or rodents. Squirrels, rats, even bats that nest in your attic can chew electrical wiring, which can cause a fire or damage insulation.

Kitchen:  Water damage is one of a home’s worst enemies. Check for leaks under your sink and make sure all of your plumbing is sealed and in good condition. Repair grout and caulking around fixtures and countertop tiles.

Bathrooms:  Same here—watch for leaks and regularly check the grout on bathtubs, showers and tiles. Check around the base of the toilet for leaks as well. You’ll want to replace the inner workings of your toilet every few years as well to eliminate the possibility of it “running,” costing you on your monthly water bill.

Basement:  Check for cracks in the foundation and leaks. Buildings naturally settle over time, and cause cracks and leaks.

Hardwood Foors:  Refinish every 5-10 years to prevent permanent damage to the wood.

Smoke alarms: Units should be tested every few months, and batteries changed annually

These are just some good rules of thumb for keeping your home in tip-top shape. One more thing most homeowners have on their mind right now is how much is my home worth? We can answer that for you as well. In fact, many of our clients make getting that answer part of their annual checklist as well. Call us, The Heinlein Home Team, today for a comprehensive comparative market analysis!



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